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What To Look For When Choosing A Forex Trading App In 2018

Serious forex traders know how important it is for them to have ready access to the forex market so that they get real time information and are prepared to make quick buys and fast sales.

There are so many different forex platforms and mobile forex apps in the market that it becomes difficult for serious traders to run through all of them and find the best that the market has to offer. Forex traders who are on the move extensively need to have a mobile forex app that is dependable and secure to ensure that they can run their business seamlessly.

There are a number of criteria that one can use to shortlist a forex trading app. The three that we used to make our shortlist are minimal spreads, educational resources for trading and real time information.

Three Keys For Finding A Good Forex App

Minimum Spreads: The difference between the asking currency price and the bid made is known as the spread. This is the commission that the forex broker will eventually earn. So when you use a forex platform, this is one of the first things you need to check. Find one that has low percentage fees as otherwise you could end up paying a significant percent of your earnings in transaction fees and commissions.

Education Resources: The more you learn in forex, then more you earn. So you want to look for a mobile forex app that has educational resources that gives you technical information, software updates and market news that equips you to continually grow and improve as a forex broker.

Real Time Info: The global currency market changes just about every second and it is vital for serious forex brokers to have their finger on the pulse. Therefore it is critical for them to find a mobile forex trading app that gives them up to the minute info on the forex market.

Many forex mobile apps do not have the ability to handle massive amounts of data and end up hanging or crashing, leaving the trader in a tight spot. We encourage forex traders to check out their mobile forex app using these three criteria and proceed only if they are happy with the results. Some of the forex apps that they can consider using include TD Ameritrade, NetDania, Forex.com and ForexTime.

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