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US Digital Bank Uphold Adds Crypto currency Dash

DashThe value of crypto token DASH almost quadrupled in November to hit a high of $824. Earlier in November, the developers released a network update (version 12.2 of the Dash core software) to increase the transaction size for each block to 2 megabytes (2MB).Notably, that was the size rejected by Bitcoin developers, who capped the size to 1MB. The announcement sparked a rally that took the market capitalization of Dash to about $6 billion.

Yesterday, Uphold, a San Francisco-based digital-only bank, and Dash developers held a joint press conference to announce that the former has started offering Dash to its customers. Currently, Uphold offers only Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Dash, which was formerly known as XCoin and Dark coin, offers private and instant transactions. Additionally, the network operates on a two-tier platform, split between network “nodes” and miners. For smooth running of the network, the value of each new block is attributed equally – 45% to master node and 45% to miners. The remaining 10% is held in a joint pool by the network.

Masternode owners, who control at least 1000 Dash, vote on new proposals every month. The approved proposals are funded by the 10% reserve held in the joint pool. Presently, the system is in a position to fund $5 million worth projects each month. Additionally, the Dash developers are planning to increase the block size to 5MB in the near future. That will speed up the transaction confirmation time. Currently, Bitcoin Cash has a capacity of 8MB.


Following Dash’s integration into Uphold’s platform, users will be able to buy, sell, and send the crypto currency using a mobile phone or web browser. That means, almost 94% of the world population will be able to use Dash.
The organizers of the joint conference also told that “InstantSend” feature will be added to Dash coin soon. The developers of Dash are focused on making the crypto currency suitable for mass-market adoption.

In this regard, Dash is already integrated into a retail-point-of-sale system (Alt36) and listed in multiple well-known exchanges such as Bitfinex, Bitthumb, Huobi, Binance, and Kraken. Dash can also be bought through several Forex brokers. Additionally, the developers of Dash funded the creation of a hot wallet API and its integration with BlockCypher.

Dash also joined hands with the Arizona State University and funded $50,000 to set up a block chain research lab at the university premises. Further, a debit card that will enable users to spend Dash at any shop, which accepts Visa, has been launched as well.

Going ahead, the developers are planning to launch a global brokerage service with free bank transfers, allow access to 20 new fiat currencies, and integrate with several large retailers. Even a healthcare integration is planned. Thus, Dash will continue to remain one of the most sought after crypto currency.

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