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We know just how important it is to feel safe when visiting any website and as such we have put in place here on the Top 10 Forex website a very robust privacy policy and one that will allow you to use our website as often as you like safe in the knowledge we respect your privacy and will always let you visit our website anonymously.

Unlike other Forex related news and information websites we do not and will not require you to sign up to access any part of this website and you can freely view it whenever you choose.

If you decide to get in contact with us at any time for any reason then please be assured that we will respect your right to privacy and we are only ever going to use the email address you contact us by to reply to your questions.

We do not and never will send out any type of marketing or advertising emails via email. Please enjoy your visit to this website and if you do wish to offer any feedback then follow the links to the “contact us” page.