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Japanese Company Willing To Pay $1m Salary To Get Top Tech Talent

Top IT talent is highly sought after in developed countries and most countries end up paying their IT resources rather well. The market competition is pretty fierce given the fact that most of the tech giants follow a pretty similar pay scale.

A Japanese company recently posted a job description for IT geeks which surprised a lot of people as the base salary was just a little below the $1 million mark per annum. Japanese based Start Today Co. Limited which owns Zozotown, one of Japan's leading e-commerce websites has posted a job description for seven IT experts and the proposed salary is 100 million yen per year which is the equivalent of $944,000.

This is not a one-off job posting from Start Today Co. Limited as the firm plans to launch a new venture shortly and wants to recruit top quality talent from all over the world. The company requires 50 ‘uniquely talented’ people and need a number of different skill-sets and qualifications to fill these posts which range from artificial intelligence to robotics. The recruitment period for these high paying jobs will end on May 18.

Start Today Co. Limited has bucked the usual IT trend by going well and above the usual market price to secure top IT talent. It will be interesting to see if some of the other top IT firms also follow the pattern of increase the pay scale for IT recruitment.

In a statement, Robert Walters, a prominent hiring firm said

It's an unusual move in Japan, where workers often take lower pay in exchange for secure employment. That's evident even among the relatively well-paid IT professionals, with top software engineers earning on average about $113,000 a year, compared with $250,000 in the US

Indian Techies Will Be Very Interested In Japanese Market

Indian techies have always had their sights set on the US and UK for high paying jobs. That could very well change as they look to head over to Start Today Co. Limited and become millionaires in a 12 month period. This is also a good opportunity for Indian techs who lost their work permits or have been laid off in the United States.

Japan will look to Indian for tech expertise. Shigeki Maeda, executive vice president of Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO) said in March that Japan would be recruiting two lakh Indian professionals. They will be issued Green Cards so that they may settle in the country.

The move was prompted by the need to fill the manpower needs in the country's IT sector because of demographic issues. Japan has also made the visa application process a lot more easy for qualified Indian professionals.

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