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FTSE 100 Takes a Battering

FTSE100It has been a shocking few days if you are a shareholder in FSTE100 based companies, for just before the weekend the FSTE100 crashed well below the 6000 mark which saw many traders diving for cover in the run up to Christmas.

One market sector that performed particular bad was Mining related stocks on UK based companies that are focused in South Africa based mines.

However, it was not only Mining stocks and shares that took a direct hit as Crude Oil also hit a seven year and with the after effects of the slowdown in China taking its toll the FTSE100 was bound to take a hit sooner or later and that is exactly what did happen.

However, one of the most worrying things that may also have an ongoing effect on not only the FTSE100 but the strength of the UK Pound is whether the United States of America will finally increase their interest rates.

It has been an ongoing situation over the last year as to whether the Fed will finally increase interest rates and with a lot of speculators placing their trades on an expected interest rate rise this week, if it does happen then expect another turbulent time on the money markets and stock exchanges.

In total at the end of last week the FTSE100 lost a huge £120.3billion of its value and with Crude Oil now at a low of just £38 per barrel and with several Mining stocks such as Anglo American, BHP Billiton, Glencore and Vedanta Resources all making losses in regards to their share values, things in the week ahead do not looking good for investors.

However, Binary Options traders can often make a killing when the markets are in turmoil and that is exactly what a lot of traders are looking to do this week.

If you think that Mining stock are going to continue to fall or that the price of Crude Oil will also continue to fall this week, then make sure you place several Binary Options trades on them doing so as there is money to be made this week.

Also do consider placing some Forex related trades on currencies such as South African Rand which is currently at an all-time low against many other currencies one of which is GBP, and make sure you keep up to date on any interest rate rise in the US as if interest rates are increased the US Dollar is bound to strengthen in value.