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Should you wish to get in touch with us here at the Top 10 Forex site then we openly invite you to do so! There are a couple of different email addresses you can use to get in touch with us and these are listed below.

If you wish to offer us any feedback on any Forex Broker we have listed on this website and let us know if they did indeed meet with your very highest expectations, or if you would like to see us adding any other Forex Trading guides then please use the following email address: info@www.top10forex.net

If on the other hand you own or operate Forex Broking site and you are interested in getting your site featured on our website and would like us to review your site to see if it is of the quality we demand then drop us an email to: sales@www.top10forex.net

We will try and reply to your email as quickly as we can and we do have a strict privacy policy and place on this website that will ensure your email address is only used to reply to your questions or inquiries.