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Bank of Japan Introduces Negative Interest Rates

bank of japanThe online Binary Options trading market place is always full of surprises and as a trader you really do always have to keep your eyes and ears peeled for the every latest news stories, as those news stories can often see stocks and shares and Indices jump or fall in value instantly when those news stories go live.

Yesterday was another very volatile day for stocks and shares traders which many indices suffering a fall in their respective values. However, something quite unexpected has just been announced and that is that the Bank of Japan has chosen to adopt a negative interest rate.

That news immediately sent ripples through the stock markets and trading floors the world over, and this morning the FSTE 100 in the UK has jumped some 73.3 points in reaction to that news.

This negative interest rate introduced in Japan does appear to be something of a last ditch attempt by Japan to get the economy jump started, and whether to not it will does of course remain to be seen, however it is a very bold step for an economy that really has been through the mill recently.

You may be asking what does this mean for you as a Binary Option trader, well even though today is the final day of the week for many traders there is going to be even more volatility on lots of different countries today in regards to their respective stock markets and you should be prepared to act very quickly to take advantage of this volatility.

You should be keeping an eye on stocks and shares in companies that are based in Japan as those are likely to see the most volatility today, however as has been proven with the FTSE 100 already this morning other countries stock exchanges are bound to be just as volatile.

As you are also going to be able to place trades on currencies at many of the Binary Options Brokers you see showcased throughout this website then it may be beneficial for you to, in addition to your chosen Binary Options trades today, consider placing a few well thought out Forex trades as the money markets are bound to be very buoyant today.

But as always no matter what you chose to place your Binary options trades or even Forex trades on today, always take a look at the bigger picture and be prepared to act immediately when a potentially profitable trading opportunity comes your way.

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