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Autos and Car Parts Trades to Place in February

Auto PartsYou are always going to find at least a handful of companies that are listed in the Autos and Car Parts market sectors that have been earmarked as either buy or sell recommendations by industry trading experts every single month of the year.

If you are planning your trading diary for February then please allow us to introduce to you and highlight several companies that we have found to have been pencilled in and marked up as either strong buy or sell recommendations for February 2015.

The following companies are therefore likely to be the ones that the most movement will be found in their respective share price if those industry experts are proved right, as is often the case, and as such these are companies all worth placing Binary Options trades on throughout the weeks ahead.

GKN – The first company this is listed on many industry experts trading decks as a buy recommendation for February 2015 is GKN, some steady improvement and growth in regards to the hare price of GKN is expected in the coming weeks and that growth may continue throughout the next couple of months also. With that in mind it may be a company that you should be looking to place some longer term Binary Options trades on sooner rather than later.

Surface Transforms – One company that a lot of traders are getting quite excited about in the Autos ad Cr parts market sector at the current moment in time is Surface Transforms, it is expected that the share price of this company will start to rocket in value very soon, and as such this is one company that has been classified as a very strong buy recommendation by many experts and experienced traders.

Torotrak – You are going to find that, if experts in Binary Options trading are proven to be correct, the share price during February of Torotrak which is of course another company listed in the autos and car parts market sector, if going to see very little if any volatility of movement in regards to their share price this month. This is one of those companies that tend to simply have a share price that stays very statics over time, and as such this is one company listed up and pencilled in as neutral recommendations for the weeks ahead and no major share price movement is expected or predicted by traders.

Transense Technologies – We have just enough space and time to include one additional company that is listed in the Autos and Car Parts market sector and that company is of course Transense Technologies, whilst we have seen some movement in their share price of this company in the last twelve months, many expert and industry professionals have marked up Transense Technologies as a very neutral recommendation of the entire month of February and beyond, and as such there is likely to not be much if any interest in their shares for the foreseeable future.