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AI Expected To Change Global Forex Trading In The Near Future

Forex Artificial IntelligenceArtificial intelligence (AI) is growing in leaps and bounds and industries across the globe are investing heavily into AI research as they expect AI to revolutionize their respective processes.

The financial industry is no different and a number of major financial corporations and banks are spending heavily on AI research.

Some of the major forex houses across the world are banking heavily on AI to change the way they do business across the world. They believe that a combination of stronger processing power and storage can result in impressive results.

With AI, traders can expect to reduce the cost of various processes in the trading lifecycle. This will not just be automated responses that people are slowly becoming used to. This will be true AI that will be able to adapt to a variety of situations and make their own decisions.

In the next five years, experts predict that spending on AI will just increase. The main focus of the investment is cognitive analytics and machine learning. There are still some doubts on where the best benefits of AI will come from.

Not all the computer operations that are part of forex can be classified as AI. Part of it is just automation. These are the procedures where a program activates on a previous instruction. AI will be able to do so much more like respond to unexpected change and learn from mistakes.

The main idea behind AI is to substitute humans with machines that can do all the grunt work. However, with processing power made a lot cheaper, more complicated operations are now being made possible. Thanks to tech advancements, AI research has focused on using neural networks and other learning methods so that the AI would be able to learn. This is called Machine Learning (ML) making it easier for decisions to be made by AI.

AI Impact On Forex

There are several ways this will be able to affect the forex market. One of the most direct ways it can apply to forex trading is to make precise decisions on buying and selling. This can save people time and energy. There have already been several attempts to set-up an AI investment system that will be consistent in profitability. More companies are catching up to this thanks to the advances in cloud computing, faster processing, open source software, and the rise of big data.

Forex trading using AI is possible but it will require cooperation between skilled software engineers and master forex traders. If this happens, then it is quite possible that within five years, a fully-implemented AI may enter the forex trading market.

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