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5 Things You Need To Consider Before You Start Forex Trading

before you forex tradeIf you are used to the stock markets, do not get yourself mistaken by thinking Forex trading is the same.

Forex trading is a mysterious trade every time as there is no specific recipe you can follow that will guarantee your success.

Have a look at the 5 critical points you need to take into consideration before you jump in and start trading. This can be the turning point of making or breaking your trading account because Forex trading requires a vast amount of research with good execution.


Once you are ready to start trading, you need to realise the value of taking the time to prepare properly. Take a look at what you are seeking to achieve from this trading experience and what state of mind you are in, then decide which of the available markets and options will comfortably fit into that picture. For example, if you are into working with oil, choose the oil futures rather than looking at the retail stocks. Once you have established what it is you are looking for, you need to look at the time frame.

Time Frame – This will refer to your character. How frequently do you wish to trade? Are you happy with trading once a week, or do you prefer being on your computer all the time buying and selling frequently? This goes hand in hand with the risk factor. Are you happy with taking the risk of the instrument overnight, and can you accept that it might be in some instances not what you are looking for? You need to remember that you will not make a massive profit overnight and that trading takes time.


State of mind refers to your mindset and how you need to change your thinking to coincide with trading online. Together with establishing how you are going to handle this new project, there are four important factors to enforce.

Patience – Once you have educated yourself on what to expect from the system, you need to exercise patience during this process. If you have set your entry and exit levels and the price never reaches it, you need to move on to the next opportunity

Discipline – If your entry levels are not reached, do not change your mind just by start trading. Wait for the triggers and then start trading.

Objectivity – You need to educate yourself to be objective and trust your system and the methodology you have decided on. If you have faith in your system, you will not have to feel emotional when other people try to influence you.

Realistic expectations – You need to understand the risk versus reward in every trade. Do not expect to make $1000 on a $250 trade every time you trade. Short-term trades might be less risky.


You need to understand that all the instruments and currencies do not trade the same. And that the same performance cannot be expected from every transaction. Pick a few commodities in which you are interested in and test them by trading in a variety of ways. Hedging works differently to future contacts and you need to understand the difference and what it means for your trade.


As you can expect, no trade will be 100% in your favour. There is always an element of risk, the best way to be successful in your trades is to exercise risk control. This will help you to keep the risk as little as possible. You need to take a risk sometimes, however, it will be quick and by managing it correctly and steering it in the right direction immediately after you have taken a risk, will definitely ensure that you close the deal.

If one of your deals does not work out, buy out and try again. You will soon realise that by practising your patience and by doing a lot of research and analysis you will usually be profitable or worst-case scenario you will break even.


You have now been equipped with the right tools to consider opening a Forex trading account. It is of vital importance that you do not just jump into trading immediately. Most Forex trading sites do have a dummy site or a practice account. You need to at least practice and take the risks; you would have taken on the real account, for at least 3 months, together with the same frequency of trades. This will give you a clear picture if you are ready to start trading with real stakes and real money.

Always consider your emotional state before you enter a trade. If you are angry you might place a bet or buy some Forex to try and ‘hurt’ the other people, this might just be the wrong time to trade and you can bear big losses that way. Make sure you are calm and open headed and be clear on your strategy.

Make sure of your financial situation and what the reason is for you to start trading. You need to want to do it. If you are trading to get rich quickly, I am afraid that you will be disappointed if things do not happen as quickly as you would want it to. Are you depending solely on the trading business, or do you have a day job and you are just looking for something on the side? While you are testing the system, everything needs to be in place the way you are going to do it for real.

There are so many ways that people conduct Forex trading and there is no wrong or right way to practice your trade. The only thing to remember is that you can win or lose money. That is the most important thing. You need to ensure that you have the money you are going to trade with and that you are responsible with your trades. Do not trade on money that you do not have. If you want to play around, rather get another job and use the profit you make on those jobs to trade and work on an investment.

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